Best Churrería in Madrid: Los Artesanos 1902

Best Churrería in Madrid: Los Artesanos 1902


After a Panoramic visit of Madrid by covered double decker bus and the Royal Palace of Madrid, we recommend a quick stop just a short walk away for a delicious mug of thick Spanish chocolate and a few warm crunchy churros to recover from the cold Madrilian winter weather. What we propose is a classic cold weather breakfasts and snacks that has warmed noses and bellies of Madrid for centuries: “Chocolate con Churros.” Today’s recommendation is a chocolate factory/Restaurant with more than 115 years of service rendered, Los Artesanos 1902. Located on the central street of San Martín 2, on the corner of the busy street Arenal, we find the churrería with “the oldest churrera family in Spain”. Juan Gabriel currently runs the place and will proudly claim fifth generation Chocolatier/Churrera family. On entering, we find the kitchen within sight.

1902 Churreria more madrid

The entire process from the making of the dough and to the swirl in the deep fry can be witnessed in a mouthwatering spectacle. And we must say that unlike other establishments of churros, there is no characteristic odor of repeatedly heated oil. According to Juan Gabriel, that is in thanks to the changing of the oil made with meticulous planning and rigorous schedule.

The specialties of the house are of course the Churros and their larger Cousins the Porras. While delicious on their own, you would be robbing yourself if you didn’t accompany them with Juan’s famous Chocolate. Served hot and thick, it is the best way to warm up on a beautiful chilly day!

churros 1902 more madrid

Don’t forget, a powdered chocolate mix is available in the same store that you can make in the comfort of your own home.
flores 1902 moremadridIn addition to the churros, this iconic restaurant is also famous for their pestiños and flores, an authentic golden age Madrilian treet. You can try both traditional and, of course, chocolate coated. We like the more traditional ones, although we must say that the coated ones are delicious.







It is not uncommon to find the place full these days, and even a line around the block to sample the culinary delights within. Be warned, this place is well known in Madrid and increasingly so abroad as a place of reference for churros.   We leave you a video of the report made by Telemadrid, Madrid’s local television channel. You can see the manufacturing process, the local and the products, as well as a few little ones, the next generation in training, of this fine family with an unparalleled churrera tradition.


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