Today belonging to the legends of Madrid,  we’re going to share with you the story of the Fallen Angel,  

A lot of people may have noticed that while walking around the roundabout between the Duque de Fernán Núñez and the Cuba walkway, you can find what it is considered to be the only public statue of Lucifer, officially called the “Fallen Angel” (Angel Caido) fountain. Popular belief is that Lucifer was one of the most beautiful Angels in heaven. He is known as the “Light bringer or Morningstar” as referenced in the Milton novel Paradise Lost. In the story Lucifer’s pride drives him to rebel against God. The loss of the rebellion sentenced him to an eternity in hell.


This dramatic sculpture was modeled by a student of the Royal Academy of arts of San Fernando, Ricardo Bellver. The Work was applauded by the Academic Faculty by and large. Inspired by Milton’s Lost Paradise, It was molded in white plaster in 1877 in Madrid. In 1878 it was presented to the National Art Exposition in Madrid where it received the first place. Because of the quality of the sculpture, it was then sent to Paris where it was made into bronze and received, again, first prize in the Universal Exposition of Paris. This decision was highly criticized.

The highly influential Duke Fernán Núñez, bought the piece and after much debate, he managed to convince the public and more importantly, the authorities, that the statue should be placed in a public place as a metaphor of the consequences to those guilty of too much pride.